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#1 eOn project details

Post by Alez » Thu Oct 31, 2013 5:20 pm


About eOn
A common problem in theoretical chemistry, condensed matter physics and materials science is the calculation of the time evolution of an atomic scale system where, for example, chemical reactions and/or diffusion occur. Generally the events of interest are quite rare (many orders of magnitude slower than the vibrational movements of the atoms), and therefore direct simulations, tracking every movement of the atoms, would take thousands of years of computer calculations on the fastest present day computer before a single event of interest can be expected to occur, hence the name eon, which is an indefinitely long period of time.

Our research group is interested in calculating the long time dynamics of systems. We have developed a method for doing this through distributed computing where a server sends out small data packets for calculation to clients, e.g. over the internet. So, instead of the entire calculation being done on a single processor, it is done on many client computers worldwide. After finishing its calculation, each client computer sends it's results back to the server, which summarizes the results and sends out more jobs.

More information about the calculation, science, and published papers can be found on our research page.
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