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#1 VirtualLHC@Home

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 3:28 am
by Alez
On Monday July 14, the Test4theory project will be migrated to a new server, and also get a new name: "vLHC@home".

Following 3 years of running Theory simulations under CernVM and BOINC, we plan to gradually expand the project and add more applications on CernVM with simulations from the LHC experiments. Thus the new name: "Virtual LHC@home".

The old server URL will be redirected, and we expect that the transition should be transparent to BOINC clients. The forums and BOINC user database with accumulated credit will remain the same as today. There is a slight risk that running tasks may fail and that the credit for these will be lost. We would in that case recommend to detach and re-attach to the project. Further advice will be given here in the News forum once the upgrade is completed.

Article link: ... 6854#16854 Or the main page:

The changeover is transparent in BOINC, however if any problem try detaching and reattaching manually and make sure it is to the new URL as the BOINC client still shows the old one in the project list.

Hence why virtual LHC has suddenly shown up on my wuprop list