New native Linux ATLAS application

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#1 New native Linux ATLAS application

Post by Alez » Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:34 pm

New native Linux ATLAS application

If you don't use Linux you can ignore the rest of this post. If you do you may be interested in trying the experimental ATLAS app which doesn't use virtualbox but runs natively on Linux.

IMPORTANT!! To run this app you must install CVMFS, the CERN VM File System, and configure it for ATLAS. This file system contains all the software for ATLAS WU and is normally inside the virtual image (the same as for all LHC vbox apps).

A simple installation guide can be found here

You should set up the repositories as shown in the example for ATLAS. If you have a squid proxy handy you can specify it there - if not I'm not sure whether it will work or not without configuring one.

Our target for this app is CERN or ATLAS-related institutes who have idle machines with CVMFS already installed, and we do not expect the average volunteer to install CVMFS and run this app. But I think all of you here are above-average volunteers :) and you may be interested in trying it.

Please give feedback on the ATLAS forums. Unfortunately there is no way to check for CVMFS on the client before requesting tasks, so if you don't have CVMFS you can still get these tasks and they will fail straight away. So better to uncheck the ATLAS app if you don't want to run it.
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