Universe@Home in production as new project

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#1 Universe@Home in production as new project

Post by Alez » Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:07 pm

Universe@Home is now in production as new project. The old Universe@Home is now renamed Universe@Home Test using the previous URL http://universeathometest.info/universe/
Info from the Universe@Home Test forum http://universeathometest.info/universe ... ?id=49#343

The new project Universe@Home can be attached via the new URL http://universeathome.pl/universe
and hopefully it should now be available through BAM.
The tasks are now branded as Universe X-ray sources v0.03 and now counts towards WUProp as well.
I believe that there will be badges available as well.

I will have to decide whether to rename this forum to cover both projects or to split them up.
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