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Unread post by TSBTbot » Mon May 13, 2019 2:58 am

League 2 competitors on Formula Boinc . . . . Position 77 on Boincstats all time WCG contributors
Week 19SRBaseProject Points
Marathon Pts 2019 Totalearned Week 19vs. week beforeOvertake
25Ars Technica20,317,1501,575,891+364,086-
18The Scottish Boinc Team4,035,5580-9,600-
15The Planetary Society3,892,851120,606-291,0042 wk Team2,160,481102,163+39,50819 wk
10BOINCstats1,864,061120,911+2,06118 wk
8Russia1,854,175143,560+26,91016 wk
6Sicituradastra.1,578,434206,528-207,64712 wk
4Anguillan Pirates1,135,6150+0-
2LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic1,128,7500+0-
1AMD Users1,069,36994,359-4,10132 wk

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