Unforseen performance enhancers

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#1 Unforseen performance enhancers

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Some side effects of new hardware:

You have a gigabit switch, but see some orange lights burning -indicating 100Mbit, not 1000Mbit: your old Cat 5 cables are a bottleneck now, buy at least Cat 6. And better make it Cat 7, as Cat 8 is already on the shelf! Cat 8 comes in handy when watching TV over IP. Fiber is coming to your home too in the (far) future!

You place your 100Mbit an 1000Mbit 32-bit ARM division on a colder place in the man cave, dividing them over two switches: a 100Mbit for the Pi2 and Pi3's and a Gigabit switch for the rest and grant the remaining 64-bit ARM boards also a Gigabit Switch: your average WEP+2 score soars upwards!

The ARMada went from 9,000-10,000 credits/day average to 16,000+ credits/day average in a week, and it is still climbing....I used to be happy with 11,000+ WEP+2 day scores, I'm getting 22,000+ scores now!

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