Using your nVidia or AMD Graphics card for BOINC computation.
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Just my two cents on they upper end of the 30 series cards since I have now had a 3080 3080ti's and a 3090.
The higher amount of memory and speed is not used or needed on the 3090, I actually found myself downclocking the ram and being able to push the overclock on the cores further!
The core count seems to have biggest effect on project speeds 3090 @ 10496 3080ti @ 10240 and the rather disappointing 8704 of the 3080 !
Means I would not recommend the 3090 as the price difference is way too much for a couple hundred cores extra.
The 3080s retail price would be worth it but that is a fools errand!
And don't buy that 12gb 3080 as the extra vram will make no difference from the previous card for crunching.
So my advice 3080ti as cheap as you can get it 😉
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