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#1 Hydrogen

Unread post by Storme » Tue May 12, 2009 5:39 pm

From the Hydrogen message board:
A little warning for everyone. As I gather, Jack is busy with another run of work to be done, with really short tasks. We're doing a similar run over at DrugDiscoveryAtHome.com and it is affecting people's computers severely, as with the large cache settings, you can download lots of work.

At the same time these applications will run on all the CPUs you gave available, all those tasks run in under a minute, BOINC will do lots of uploading and downloading simultaneously. Due to this, the BOINC executable will start to run at 100% CPU cycles (due to all the network communications). This will in turn slow down your computer.

One way around it is to set a very low cache. Although even at a zero days connect to and additional work of 0.01 days, this can still be over 100 tasks in cache, especially on multi-CPU systems.

If you notice that your computer is getting sluggish, that your BOINC Manager is constantly telling you "Communicating with client. Please wait", then please set as low a cache as possible and try to run it out. Or run only when your system is otherwise idle anyway.

As to when this work will arrive, your guess is as good as mine. It'll be a surprise. ;-)

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