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#1 ABC@home project details

Unread post by Alez » Sat Nov 02, 2013 3:21 pm


What is the ABC conjecture?
The ABC conjecture involves abc-triples: positive integers a,b,c such that a+b=c, a < b < c, a,b,c have no common divisors and c > rad(abc), the so-called radical of abc. The ABC conjecture says that there are only finitely many a,b,c such that log(c)/log(rad(abc)) > h for any real h > 1. The ABC conjecture is currently one of the greatest open problems in mathematics. If it is proven to be true, a lot of other open problems can be answered directly from it.

Why should I join?
The ABC conjecture is one of the greatest open mathematical questions, one of the holy grails of mathematics. It will teach us something about our very own numbers. Furthermore, the application of ABC@home is tiny, secure and stable, we like to keep things simple.

Who is involved?
The project is run by the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University as part of Reken mee met ABC

Minimum System requirements

min. 256MB ram free
2 MB of free disk space
windows, linux, mac (recommended with a 64bit cpu)
The best form of help from above is a sniper on the rooftop....

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