WUProp finished?

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#1 WUProp finished?

Post by Alez »

Looks like Seb has pulled the plug on WUProp.
It might be taken over by the Primegrid admins.
Doubt this will be the last project to go.
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#2 Re: WUProp finished?

Post by Megacruncher »

So it seemed but the latest from Sebastien is:

"After a few weeks of reflection, I decided to continue hosting the project.

In the next weeks, I will work on simplifying and documenting the data processing.
Once this job done, I will contact volunteers to help me in managing the project.
In the future, if I decided to stop the project, transfering it to another hosting will be more simple.

The project will be active intermittently for linux, windows and mac platforms. No hours will be granted for the moment.

In parallel, I published source code here. I'm not a developper. So no doubt that the code should be improved. I would appreciate help to improve code and make it running for android devices.

Thanks for your patience."

All of which is way better than a middle of the night decision to just give up.
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#3 Re: WUProp finished?

Post by scole of TSBT »

If anyone has removed WUProp as a project from their systems, PM/DM me and I'll make scripts you can run to add it back No other comments please This is a public thread. DM for more info.
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#4 Re: WUProp finished?

Post by Thyme Lawn »

Work has been available since 0927 UTC today. My allocated tasks started with a runtime of 5 minutes and unreliable task availability. The runtime is now up to an hour, and I've only had one instance where a new task wasn't immediately available (a successful work request was made a second after the failed one).
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