Where are Everybody ???

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#1 Where are Everybody ???

Post by Granowski »

as in Topic - where are Everybody ???

we have won FB - and there is no FB 2024 ... maybe we should talk about what do we do with CPU and GPU Power instead ... ???


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Dirk Broer
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#2 Re: Where are Everybody ???

Post by Dirk Broer »

I think most people on this forum are busy with -amongst others- crunching, as The Scottish Boinc Team heads the present Gerasim Team Challenge (New Year 2024 Challenge is Gerasim@Home ! Crunching of Subfield 7 from NumberFields@home) on BOINCStats. Will the team reach the 100,000,000 credits on this challenge?

If it is any consolation, things are very quiet at AMD Users too...
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#3 Re: Where are Everybody ???

Post by Megacruncher »

We are all still gobsmacked by Sebastien pulling the plug on Formula BOINC 48 hours before the 2023 comp finished.
What a complete and utter @%$&!
As regards the Gerasim challenge: we do seem to have passed 100M so hopefully everyone knows we are still in business!
The BOINC community can look forward to similar levels of supremacy on PG challenges!
Willie the Megacruncher
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