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#1 Best practices

Post by Inveteratus »

I'm a relative newcomer to the world of distributed computing, so my knowledge of how best to setup a machine is somewhat lacking. Currently, I run a single Intel i9-13900K with 128Gb of RAM (I do a lot of docker work!) which is active 24/7. I work from home 4 days of week, popping into the office for a day, and when I'm working, I use a Mac M2 which I'm afraid will not be running Boinc - Company policy!

So, how best to setup this single machine? I'm not really a fan of overclocking and from what I've seen it's not really necessary, so it comes down to how to run Boinc to get the most throughput. I currently have my computing preferences set to 100% of the CPUs (seems daft with only one CPU) and 60% of CPU time - no suspensions for in use and no schedules in place as even at 60% usage, this system is still very responsive.

Ideally I guess I'd like to run it at 90% overnight, probably at most 75% during the day when I'm working and drop to 50% when I'm using it, but I'm not sure if that is possible.

Does anybody have an recommendations or advice on running Boinc ?

For reference, I currently only run PrimeGrid with no restrictions on work-types as I've always been fascinated by numbers. I guess I should probably contribute towards something a little more useful, but not sure what projects take my fancy.
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#2 Re: Best practices

Post by Megacruncher »

When it says 100% of the CPUs it means 100% of the possible threads. Which on your CPU is a very useful 48!
If you are using the PC for other stuff I'd set the max to 94%. 75% might be a reasonable starting point for when you are using the PC. Trial & error are probably your best guide here.
As for % of CPU time: this is really about avoiding overheating. If your cooling is optimal then you might get away with 100%. 60% is pretty conservative and you can probably increase it.
You are right to avoid overclocking. Combined with 24/7 BOINC it'll cook your system.
Willie the Megacruncher
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