64 bit client on a 32 bit os

Just as the title says!

#1 64 bit client on a 32 bit os

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Is it possible to run the 64bit client on a 32bit os where your CPU is capable of running 64bit????


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errr, no and yes :wink:

The 64 bit client (do you mean science app?) will require a 64 bit native OS to run, so for example trying to run ABC 64bit under 32bit is a non starter.

However, you can install a virtual machine with a 64 bit OS running under VMware on a 32 bit host and use that to run 64 bit Boinc.

Take a look here for info on how to do it in Linux. The same techniques apply if you want to spend money and install 64 bit Windows under VMware.


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Cheers, Thats cleared the air :)
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