ASIC Boincing Dead?

Discussions of function optimised hardware in the form of ASIC and FPGA
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#1 ASIC Boincing Dead?

Post by Megacruncher »

Recovering from my Rip Van Wnkle style epic stupor, one of the most obvious changes is that it looks like we are all back on good old honest CPU & GPU crunching with evil cheating ASIC nowhere to be found.
Is that an accurate perception?
And what have people done with their miners?
Are they worth selling or should I start mining bitcoins, which some sources suggest is now worthwhile, whereas a couple of years ago you'd have been hard pushed to cover the cost of the electricity.
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#2 Re: ASIC Boincing Dead?

Post by scole of TSBT »

There's not any Boinc projects using the ASICs. Gridcoin is paying it's team members a pittance to crunch for them and a couple other projects appear to be gearing up to reward crunchers in crypto currency. To figure out whether it's worth while to mine bitcoin or some other sha-256 crypto currency, find a website like What to mine, plug in the hash rate, power consumption of your whole rig and lecky rate and it will show you what the current profit or loss is for mining various currencies.
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#3 Re: ASIC Boincing Dead?

Post by Alez »

I sold all mine on ebay and converted them into newish nVidea cards, 970 and 980's. I then sold most of the older AMD cards and again converted that into more nVidea 970 and 980's. Much more crunching power with less heat and lecky. Also easy to set up on Lubuntu linux. I have a few more cards that I need to sell on as round two of the revamp, plus a few 7970's that I really should move on to.
The miners all sold no problem, so I guess there is still a market in the UK for mining Bitcoin. The only ones I have left were the old butterfly rigs which were too heavy and underpowered to make it worthwhile selling them. They are gathering dust incase another ASIC project comes along, but in reality, they are only useful as door stops.
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#4 Re: ASIC Boincing Dead?

Post by Dirk Broer »

I am glad I only invested into USB-stick miners....
I do hope some geek will make a Seti@Home ASIC or so in the future though.
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