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#1 PrimeGrid Tips for faster forums

Unread post by Newshound » Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:33 pm

If you find that loading forum messages is slow, there are two settings you can change on the Community Preferences page:

* Check the "Hide Badges" box. If you're not in Europe you probably have a ping time above 100 ms, and loading all those little badge images that everyone earns takes a while. Have you seen how many different badges people have? A tenth of a second for each one adds up.

* Check the "Show images as links" box. If a forum post contains an image from a third party site, including all badge or credit signature images, and that site is down or slow, it will significantly slow down loading the forum message page.

You can leave avatars and signatures turned on if you wish. They don't affect forum speed significantly.

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