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#1 Benchmarks

Post by davidBAM » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:48 pm

I think this is fool-proof but could you just try it for me please? • There are 10 types of people in the world; those who understand binary, and those who don’t

Boinc Lance Corporal
Boinc Lance Corporal
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#2 2990wx on Linux

Post by VietOZ » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:49 pm

15WU using 4 threads each
Run TimeCPU TimeCreditPer day/procCredit per kWHApplication
1417.425128.317063,78411,358camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1233.014442.385962,09811,057camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1399.345055.336963,50611,308camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1524.025485.387362,41811,114camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1464.565300.107062,33311,099camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1549.095626.917663,64211,332camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1520.955523.087563,98411,393camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1505.375449.857262,32211,097camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1455.505210.887263,86111,371camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1568.765659.697562,24111,083camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1503.295421.997262,42511,116camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1313.284768.616261,47010,946camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1595.865797.567762,58911,145camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1512.085491.197463,22011,257camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1505.715408.347261,58510,966camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1636.415932.537962,76411,176camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1446.905138.917163,38911,287camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1532.525558.947563,35711,282camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1555.495655.077764,51311,487camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1495.545475.757363,14711,244camb_boinc2docker v2.05 (vbox64_mt)
1,486.765,376.547262,93211,206Averages for Ryzen 2990wx, 234W, 15 WU per proc

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