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#1 - now online

Post by Alez » Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:55 am

from original forum post here

24 Aug 2015 22:20:05 UTC

Hi all,

Today is an exciting day as its a big step in the process of completely revamping the C@H server. After a lot of work the last couple of months, we're ready to open up the new server to public beta testing. It is currently up and running at If you would like help, please point your clients to this server, run a few jobs then report back in this thread about your experience.

On Aug 17 we dumped the user database into this server, so if you registered before that, your regular C@H login will work on there. Otherwise you will need to create a new account. Once beta testing is done we will attempt to transfer over any credits you earned on the beta server, however please note this will be on a best-effort basis with no guarantee. All other aspects of the beta server, including message boards, etc... will be deleted. The new server is beta software, and may crash, be reset without notice, etc..., however if you are excited or curious about trying out new software, we could use your help ironing out all the bugs!

So what's new?

A new app, "camb_boinc2docker". This updates us the very latest version of CAMB. More importantly perhaps, it runs in an entirely new way, using software I developed for BOINC called "boinc2docker". To run these jobs, you will need a 64-bit OS and Virtualbox installed (for the last year or so, Virtualbox has been an optional part of the install for the BOINC client itself, if you did not install it then you should download version 4.x.x here). The advantage of boinc2docker is that it makes it drop-dead easy for us as developers to upgrade and deploy new apps, so that its not 5 years in between updating app versions :) It also adds the following:
Mac OS support
Multi-threaded support
Full pause/resume/checkpoint support
An actual progress bar
The new default "third" BOINC credit system
A very recent version of the BOINC server software, which adds some slightly nicer forum functions and a new forum based news format.
For 32-bit users or users who don't have Virtualbox installed, the existing camb app, now called "camb_legacy", is still supported.
The server code is (almost) entirely public on github.

Many thanks to the BOINC developers for their help with along the way, especially Rom Walton for his help with vboxwrapper, on which boinc2docker is heavily based.

So give it a spin don't hesitate to post here, I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread!
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#2 Re: - now online

Post by Dirk Broer » Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:42 am

At first a gently running VM wanting some 3 hrs, then three stalling ones plus two that make no progress after 3 hrs, then -after suspending- one that wants another 3000 hours extra. I aborted the lot.

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