December Update: Africa Rainfall Project

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#1 December Update: Africa Rainfall Project

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December Update: Africa Rainfall Project
8 Dec 2020


The principal investigator recently gave two presentations about the project, and the researchers will receive university assistance to help enhance their data organization.

Project background

Through the Africa Rainfall Project, researchers at Delft University of Technology are creating high-resolution computer simulations of localized rainstorms in sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to massive, crowdsourced computing power from World Community Grid, they can run simulations at a much higher resolution—exactly what's needed for localized rainstorms. This has never been done for rainstorms in this region.

This is important because 95% of agriculture in Africa depends on rainfall. The project uses data generated from World Community Grid, data from The Weather Company and other information to provide more accurate rainfall forecasts, which will help farmers more successfully raise crops.

Analysis of results

Delft University of Technology will be giving the project's scientists about 340 hours' worth of assistance to help with ongoing data organization. The researchers plan to use this assistance to set up a structure to make the the enormous amounts of data they're receiving easy to scan and read.

Two recent presentations

The project's principal investigator presented at two virtual conferences earlier this month. The researchers are preparing a project update for volunteers based on these materials.

Current status of work units

World Community Grid is currently sending out generations 39 and 40. (A generation is a set of work--in this case, a set of computer simulations of rainfall in sub-Saharan Africa.)

Click here to learn more about World Community Grid's monthly project updates.
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