Moo! Wrapper Releasing new version 1.5 apps

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#1 Moo! Wrapper Releasing new version 1.5 apps

Post by Alez » Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:19 am

FINALLY new app version 1.5 app is released for first platforms (Windows CPU and OpenCL). Biggest improvements are newer Client and BOINC upstream changed to wrapper which both bring fixes and some new features. More information can be found in the changelog post at ... =2265#2265.

As always, please report any problems getting work or having work fail more often in the relevant forum here. Note that there can be some confusion in the BOINC Scheduler as it tries to recalculate stats for best performing app variant for you (like OpenCL vs. native GPU apps).

PS. BOINC Server has also gotten some updates from BOINC developers so there's been lots of churn lately. The server migration is also progressing.


Note: At the moment only nVidia OpenCL is out and the 64-bit CPU app is in beta (both for Windows).
The Windows AMD OpenCL is released as a beta now. You need to flip the beta flag in your account to try it out.
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