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Post by SEARCHER » Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:54 pm


:) Hello all Teammembers of THE SCOTTISH BOINC TEAM,

:) Hello all Friends of Team THE SCOTTISH BOINC TEAM,

As since the Year 2009 , we want to build the CHARITY TEAM again !
I write to tell you that this year`s CHARITY CONTEST will crunch for FightMalaria@Home .
The CHARITY CONTEST is a Joint Venture between Team L´Alliance Francophone and Team SETI.Germany , but the CHARITY TEAM , who will be founded a few days before the Contest Starts, by the Admins of L`AF and SG , runs on its own, so the credits archieved will only go to the CHARITY TEAM ACCOUNT .
We invite you to Crunch with us for 2 weeks together as the Temporary CHARITY TEAM !


SO 20/01/2013 at 00.01 h - SA 02/02/2013 at 23.59 h MEZ TIME

SA 19/01/2013 at 23.01 h - SA 02/02/2013 at 22.59 h UTC TIME

To see what that means to your Timezone, look at : http://www.zeitzonen.de/

The Forum of CHARITY TEAM you found here : http://forum.charity.boinc-af.org/

:oops: Sorry I forget, the Forum was of a Server from Team AF , so the Register is in French . This help you for English : http://forum.charity.boinc-af.org/index.php/topic,34.0.html

:wink: To Join in the CHARITY TEAM : http://boinc.ucd.ie/fmah/team_display.php?teamid=229

The Idea behind the CHARITY CONTEST is just to bring BOINC Users as much as possible together, to crunch for a Medical/Biological Projekt as a Temporary Team.

8) Greatings to all SEARCHER



Post by SEARCHER » Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:22 pm


:wink: To Join in the CHARITY TEAM : http://boinc.ucd.ie/fmah/team_display.php?teamid=229

8) Greatings to all SEARCHER



Post by SEARCHER » Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:54 am


:D Hello all Teammates and Friends from CHARITY TEAM ,

the Time is running out and in a few hours we start our 5. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST .

:wink: I hope you and your equipment are ready when it starts.

See you soon.

8) Greatings SEARCHER



Post by SEARCHER » Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:54 am


:D Hello Folks,

the 5. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2013 by Project FightMalaria@Home is finished now. So I think it`s Time now to say THANK YOU ALL for this great Event.

Thank you for the Administrator`s from Team L`Alliance Francophone and Team SETI.Germany who created this CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2013.
Thank you for all Helping Hand`s who make Statistics, very nice Logos and many many more.
Thank you for all Participant`s who Crunch the last 2 Weeks by the 5. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2013 with us.
And a big Thank you for the Administrator`s by Project FightMalaria@Home.

But by all Happiness, about over 14 Million Credits, the 1. Place by the Team Statistics by FightMalaria@Home, all Overtakes from another Teams and many many individual Statistics, I think we not forget the biggest Thing by this 5. CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2013. In the last 2 Weeks so many Members, from many Teams and many Countrys, Crunch and Fight`s in only ONE TEAM. And we found the last 2 Weeks many new Friends, so I say this was biggest Thing in the last 2. Weeks. And this was THE GREAT MESSAGE for the next CHARITY TEAM CONTEST 2014.

:( And now I was very sad to say you : in German all Auf Wiedersehen, this mean in your Language :

Arabisch : ma'as-salama
Armenisch : tstesoutyoun
Aserbaidschanisch : sag olun
Baskisch : agur
Weißrussisch : Да пабачэння (da pabačennia)
Bengalisch : biday
Bosnisch : do viđenja (formal) / ćao (informal)
Bulgarisch : довиждане (dovijdáne [formal] )
Burmesisch : thwa me knor
Katalanisch adéu / a reveure
Chinesisch : zài jiàn
Korsisch : salutu
Kroatisch : do vidjenja (formal) / ćao (informal)
Tschechisch : na shledanou
Dänisch : farvel (formal) / hej hej (informal)
Niederländisch : tot ziens
Esperanto : gxis revido , øis revido
Estnisch : head aega
Finnisch : näkemiin
Flämisch : tot ziens
Französisch : au revoir
Friesisch : oant sjen
English : Good Bye
Griechisch : antio / geia sas
Haitianisch orévwa / babay
Hebräisch : lehitraot
Hindi : alvida / phir milengay
Ungarisch : viszontlátásra
Isländisch : bless
Indonesisch : selamat tinggal / sampai ketemu lagi
Irisch : slán
Italienisch : arrivederci
Japanisch : sayônara
Koreanisch : ahn nyung hee ke se yo
Kurdisch : bi xatre te
Laotisch sok di / phôp khan mai
Latein : vale
Lettisch : uz redzēÅ¡anos
Litauisch : sudie
Luxemburgisch : äddi
Mazedonisch : dogledanje
Maltesisch : saħħa / ċaw
Maori (Neuseeland) : ka kite anoo
Mongolisch : bayartai (Баяртай)
Norwegisch : ha det
Persisch : khodâfez / be salâmat / kheyr pish
Polnisch : do widzenia
Portugiesisch : adeus / até à próxima
Rumänisch : la revedere
Russisch До свидания (do svidaniya)
Samoanisch : tofa
Sardinisch : adiosu (sarde)
Schottisch : beannachd leat
Serbisch : do vidjenja (formal) / ćao (informal)
Slowakisch : do videnia
Slowenisch : z bogom / nasvidenje
Spanisch : adiós / hasta la vista
Suaheli : kwa heri
Schwedisch : hej då
Tagalog : paalam na po
Tahitianisch : parahi / nana
Thai / thailändisch สวัสดีคะ (sawatdii kha) Female
สวัสดครับี (sawatdii khrap) Male
Türkisch : hosça kalin
Udmurtisch : dzéch lu
Ukrainisch : do pobachennya
Vietnamesisch : xin chào tạm biệt
Walisisch : hwyl
Zulu : sala kahle



We hope, we see you and your Team very soon again aendgraend, modesti, ousermaatre, SEARCHER

8) Greatings SEARCHER

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