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How to install BOINC on windows systems

A brief guide.

Download the installer then click the installer icon to begin the installation process.

You can set install options by clicking the "Advanced" button on the configuration screen. The options are:

    Program directory - where BOINC's program files will be stored. Generally leave as standard unless you wish to create on a different disk drive.

    Data directory - where BOINC's data files will be stored. Again leave unless you wish to create on a different disk drive.

    Use BOINC screensaver - Use the BOINC screensaver for the current user. 

    Protected application execution - Run project applications under an unprivileged account. This provides increased protection against faulty applications, but it may cause graphics to not work with older applications. 

    Allow all users on this computer to control BOINC - If selected (public mode), all users can control BOINC (attach/detach projects, etc.). If not selected (private mode), the only users who can control BOINC are: the installing user, members of the Administrator group, and members of the 'boinc_users' group. When other users run the BOINC Manager, they'll be shown a dialog saying to contact the administrator to add them to the 'boinc_users' group. 

Quick guide to Joining a project and getting started

To participate in a BOINC project:

    Install and run the BOINC software.

    In the BOINC manager's Simple view click Add Project or, in the manager's Advanced view, click Tools -> Attach to Project. The Attach to Project dialogue appears. Select "Attach to project".

    Select a project from the list. To join a project not in the list, enter the URL of its web site.

    Select "New user", and enter your email address and a password of your choosing.

    BOINC will open a web page that allows you to set other account data, such as name, country, and preferences. Under your account at the project page you will be able to search for and join The Scottish Boinc Team.

That's it!

Joining additional projects

To join additional projects:

    Bring up the Attach to Project dialog as above.

    Select a project from the list.

    Select "New user", and enter your email address and a password. You don't have to use the same email address, but it is highly recommend that you do.

By default the projects get equal shares of your computing power. You can change this by adjusting project resource shares.

Multiple computers under one account

You can run BOINC on several computers under one account. Create an account as above. Then, on each additional computer, download and install BOINC. Follow the above procedure to join projects, but select "Existing user", and enter the email address and password of your existing account. 

If you run several projects or multiple computers I recommend an account manager such as BAM!. BOINCstats BAM!

FAQ and usage instructions for BAM!  here

Control the manager using simple view

Control the manager using advanced view

Installing on Linux

Boinc can be installed on Linux quite easily. Most distro's have a BOINC package or it can be downloaded directly. For various guides and help follow the link below to TSBT Linux forum.

Installing on Android

If you wish to install on an Android device you will need to download either BOINC or nativeBOINC from Googleplay store or other repository. Runniing is very similar to manager simple view. Far more info is available at TSBT Android forum